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“This is a Short Story about a girl’s life. How it changes within few hours. And her response to that unexpected situation.”

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She writes taking a little of blood with her hardly moving and shivering finger ” We fought”.

Where everywhere there is blood only. She finds her whole body frozen and immovable. She still turns her head to look right, where two steps away from her, he is laying injured and gasping to breathe.

Due to excessive bleeding, his face has turned pale and at the same time is dreadful and soaked with blood. He already is looking at her, for if she is OK or not.

The dirt mixed with his saliva is coming out irresistible like his life is flowing out with it. He tries to say something but nothing comes out.

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From afar while getting into the room her Mom Yells “Sana, get up girl. Today is your freshers day if you remember.”

“Get up, you have eaten so much of our brain all these days, now it is the day and you are still lazy, get up, get up!” While nearing her almost a step away.

After waiting two or three seconds, She shakes her with little force to make her realize her presence. ” Get up” Her mother’s voice penetrates her ears and travels up to her unconscious and sleeping brain, to make her feel awake.

With awaken mind but a lazy and sleeping body she opens her eyes. And turns towards her. Looking at her, she feels so annoyed hearing the voice so clear in her ears “Wake up”.
But she won’t say anything. And gives up sleeping, as her inner excitement takes over her before she could say anything to her mother.

Instead of saying anything, she starts to think and feel about the happiness crawling into her stomach. And begins to imagine for how is she gonna get ready and what performances she is going to do?

Tapping her hands twice and thrice on the table, next to her bed, she grabs her spectacles. While mom walks out of the room seeing her moving.

She sits back, adjusting her spectacles and at the same time thinking of all the stuff she will do. How is she gonna look? How her dress is gonna look on her? and about the dance no. she prepared etc.

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After 3 Hours of repetitive changes and amendments in her appearance , in her thoughts and hairs, she finally announces herself ready.

Standing in front of a long mirror with 5.10″ height, chubby and oval face with round spectacles on it, she looked fairy tail’s character.

She although choose the most simple clothes to wear but her red hairs and dark eyes have the essence of a perfect craft.

After gazing herself hours in mirror and appreciating her own self, she leaves for college finally.

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6 PM at college, all the students and faculties enter the performance hall. Settling down with a crowd buzz into the entire hall, it is very resonating energy all around.

Stage and mikes are being set. Performers are running front and backstage. There is an immense hurry and zest into the environment.

Sana has her first dancing performance on the stage and thus she is all set with her dress and rehearsals.

She is looking pretty in her lenses and that Indian Kathak dance dress to which her tall height is adoring more. Her eyes laced with make-up is enough to say that she is looking stunning and different.

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Although that over makeup on her face made by her makeup girl is overdone. But for that, her reason for make-up being more appealing, to the lights and cameras has convinced Sana. After settling everything and everyone down. As Host calls her name, she comes exactly below the light.

She goes with her performance very well. And gets very resounding applauds from the audience. After that, although Aadil has to perform somehow the list gets messed up and someone else’s is called.

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While Aadil was already ready, got confused and talked to the stage people and then they all decides now he will go last.

Which means, he is going to perform around midnight. He gets disappointed a bit but then he choose to go out for a while until his no. turns back.

While Sana is getting ready for another performance in the changing room. With her baggy pants and a sleeveless top, she is to perform on a hip hop dance number. Suddenly, the host admits his mistake on the mike that he has lost the performance list and now performances have to occur according to the new list.

Which has Aadil at last and Sana being the second last as called upon the sequence.

“It is done. ” The fresher’s party”. “These people can’t even handle a list, how will they do other kinds of stuff?” Sana says loud while coming out.

Aadil intervene “Yup, these guys are not serious for their work, at all.”

Sana eyes him as he is stranger to her and says “Yeah”.

Aadil with mild smile introduces himself ” Hi, my name is Aadil. And yours?” He pauses for her to respond.

Sana while taking her scarf out of bag says “Sana.”

“By the way, you are looking stunning and beautiful,” Adil says as if he is confessing.

She almost mumbles “Thanks” while looking at him, grinning.

She whispers to herself ” You are damn hungry, Sana. Let’s fix this first.”

While Aadil is doing his stuff, she leaves the backstage.

She decides to go to the canteen to eat something. As she didn’t even have her proper lunch in preparation for performance.

She walks out of the auditorium and sees those dim lights around. And feels all dreadful a bit as all the sound and crowd disappeared and she is almost alone. Only one or two guys and girls are visible to her.

She still decides to walk through the corridor, and she ends up reaching the stairs. When laddering down, she sees some boys sitting inappropriately on the stairs.

She excuses them and walks through them somehow while they tend to look at her with a very disrespecting and bad eye. She then walks fast towards the canteen which is almost near the exit of the college.

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And is facing opposite to the gate, towards the college, to avoid any restriction may be, of the exit and entrance.

She bought a juice packet and sandwich to calm the stomach and have some energy in it.

As she started back to the auditorium, she again felt the same darkness along her way. With the same beating and pacing heart, she is forwarding her steps.

She takes the left. she takes the right. she walks straight until parking and when she reaches the parking. She recalls that she has to take her earphones from her vehicle. She stops and walks up to her scooter.

Inserts the key, turns it to open the back. As soon as it opens a hand comes from behind and covers her mouth, making her terrified.

As soon as, she can do something or think something, she is into a big white Scorpio already standing there.

There are three people already in the vehicle. Two in front, calm and composed. One behind helping the other one to bring her into the vehicle while the last one pushing her in, was tallest of all.

During her struggle to get released, she gets more gripped with the hands around her mouth and her waist.

The other guy while sitting to her right, holds her hands which makes her weaker.

She still struggles to free herself, with all forces remaining in her stomach.

But as time passes, she can’t resist more. The car whereas hasn’t moved from that very place until now.

Now, as she is tired of forcing herself against them. She gives up breathing fast. Now, a stream of tear finds its way through her eyes.

Her shock has long gone, she now is breaking within herself. She can only see the dreadful thoughts clouding her sight.

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With it all happening, she tries to raise her gaze to see who is holding her there. By slipping her hips a bit lower to the seat as it is made free after she gave up resisting.

and then for around two minutes, they make no moments. And then they shut the lights, right there. And, hurt her, at first by slapping her. Forcing her hands here and there and then by molesting her.

Then the behind two rapes her ruthlessly.

The other two sit and see them doing sin, in their rear mirror.

Sana, sobbing, and weeping, silent with her dead voice screams her helplessness. and tries to gather her breath for every next gasp.

As the behind two are done. the remaining two from in front open their door and try to come out but as her very low voice starts to echo the area. They shut it back and warns the rear two.

“You guys are fucking done, what about us?” the first one says.

” I tell you if we won’t get anything, I will tell people about this. ” says the second one turning backward leaving the steering wheel with a deceiving eye.

The third one who brought the girl inside and is now molesting the girl with his hands. Shouts in anger ” You fucking shut your mouth, and take the vehicle out, this place is not safe now.”

The first guy then starts the vehicle and take it towards the gate. while others yelling to hide the girl as there are guards at the gate.

They push her near their feet. as they already have ripped her clothes, she also tries to conceal herself. And shrink her body to bend in shame and pain. but still sobbing, with already tied hands and mouths with her Scarf.

They drive out from the gate by showing the pass, from inside only.

After they reach out, they decide to take her to their flat which is next to the boys Hostel.

The third one says ” No one is there in the hostel. I would say, take her to my room that will be more fun.” He says laughing.

No one joins his laughter as they are frightened and partly scared too.

They all eyes him and then the vehicle stops in front of the flat. The first one from a front gets out of the vehicle and run to check if there is anybody on the flat.

“Shit man, Rohit, Sumit and Arnav all are having beers and stuff there.” the First one says when he returns checking the first floor above.

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The third one sitting behind says “These bastards have no other things to do even today.”

While in unison the fourth one says “let us take her to the hostel backyard. Already there is nobody in the hostel and if someone will come then also they would not suspect us. They will think we only are smoking.”

Here, Sana has fainted, sobbing and with pain incurred to her.

She hardly can hear what they are talking about. She is taken in the backyard and is untied and brought to her consciousness by thumping her face.

She finds herself again among them, and then again she starts to cry and this time begging more to be released.

Suddenly, the guys sitting in front opens their door and tell the behind once to come in front. She now can see outside of the vehicle as the rear gates are also opened by them keeping her mouth covered, again.

As she could see outside she saw someone passing by, from the road a little away.

She moves her face slightly and bits the hand covering her mouth. As they were moving and changing she succeed this time.

and as her mouth is released, she cries the loudest she could cry ” Save me, hey save me please.”

The guy on the other side of road heard this. He turned to see towards the direction of the voice. But due to a lot of darkness there, he couldn’t see much.

Yet, he looks here and there and decides to see who is there as he was not sure, what is that he heard. There the rear two have already settled in front. And seeing her screaming; tells the remaining two to get in fast and cover her mouth better.

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✭✭” You are reading Short story at Inspirationalcraft.com“✭✭

As he nears the vehicle, one remains out, and stays out, as he sees him coming nearer.

He goes ” What happened bro, I heard someone crying louder. what happened Everything ok? ” with a doubtful and blank face.

The second one who now is standing here to be the fourth one says ” no bro, tapping his shoulder I just needed a matchbox. I saw you thus called you.

Do you have a matchbox?”

New guy responds “no.”

“What’s you name ?” he asks.

New guy responds “Aadil”

She inside could hear that. And she knew that someone, who is out there.

She collects all her strength and tries to jump her entire body above to get visible. As the new person didn’t know, how to hold her better loosed her. And she jumps more than she expected and striking the top of the vehicle. she causes a heavy sound of the struggle inside.

Which Aadil could easily see happening. He moves his eyes towards the guy standing in front of him with more suspicion.

And he grabs him with collar and calls others out. Which confirms that they are doing something they shouldn’t do.

each of them come out fast. One guy holds his hand and another one already grabbing his collar slap him hard.

“What did I do,” Aadil says. In response to which the guy coming from the steering wheel turning ac off. says ” You disturbed us. Now you will have to pay for it. ” Others also punch him hard in the stomach. and beat him for no reason.

In the car, Sana gets her strength a bit as released for a while. She tries to see what is happening outside. She sees them beating that guy out there.

She settles back to the seat and draws her one hand behind the seats. from where she heard some heavy noises, resembling metallic clinics.

She found many rods and spanners etc. She grabbed one of them. with one of her hands while holding her aching stomach with another hand.

She then, comes out of the vehicle from the left gate opposite to them. and after circling from back she comes to the back where two guys are holding Aadil now.

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She gathers all her courage and strength and gives a heavy blow to one of the guys from behind. As soon as the other guys could react who saw her visible behind them.

That guy with serious bleeding dies at that very moment and fell. This scene frightens all the others and they quiver from inside witnessing this.

While Aadil gets shocked seeing that beautiful girl half-naked and injured. whom he met and complimented a few minutes before into the auditorium.

Now within a few seconds, he could completely understand what is happening at that place.

Out of that frozen moment, Aadil frees his hand and pushes the guy next to him towards the right, away from him.

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And grabs the guy in front of him with collar and keeps pushing him behind. Seeing this the fourth guy runs and goes to the car, starts the engine and runs from there leaving all.

While Aadil and the guy Aadil is pushing falls. And Aadil regains his grip on him. He starts to punch him into the face while crying heavily and abusing him.

He hits him, recklessly for a long time without knowing what can happen to the person he is beating.

While the third guy regains his body balance and turns towards the girl. Who now is completely exhausted with her energy.

He takes the rod from her hand and kisses her several times forcefully. which she cannot resist now as she is about to faint almost.

He then runs towards Aadil to save his friend and blows a heavy strike to Aadil’s head. which makes him faint immediately. But when he see his friend, he finds him already dead.

While all this, Sana took another rod which the other guy held in his hand. And with her exhausted body she dragges the rod up to the place where Aadil is ling, hit by the guy.

And as soon as he could turn a little, she hit him but this time she couldn’t cause an impact on her strike. He gets injured, starts to bleed but still remains standing.

He revive out of pain very soon, which he tries to overcome with one of his hands pressed against his back of the head.

and then he hits Sana for the last time while abusing “B….C…d you will kill us? ” She, this time melts down as if she is already dead. As soon as she reaches the ground. The last guy also runs from the place.

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after minutes of silence and freezing blows of air. She regains her breathes.

She tries to open her eyes. And when conscious, her sadness and morn takes over. She again starts to cry but now may be her eyes are dry.

Her mind recurred her all the pictures and events before she was involved in it.

Her grief rises high and then it turns into plain pain, about which she cannot do anything much. At least in this condition, she is in right now.

Considering this night as her last night, she recalls her mother and father.

While crying and thinking that she will not see them again. She never will hear that resounding “get up” sound in her ear.

Where everywhere there is blood only. She cannot move herself much.

Then she remembers Aadil’s presence. It recur to her mind that he is also around here. And is injured and lining somewhere around.

She retry to regain her strength to at least move her body to see where he is? How he is?

But she hardly can move herself.

she still forces herself and turns her head to look right, Where two steps away from her, he is laying injured and gasping to breathe.

Due to heavy metallic blows he is no more movable and is bleeding. His face has turned pale and at the same time is dreadful and soaked with blood.

His face is but towards her as if even in this condition he is willing to see her OK.

The dirt mixed with his saliva is irresistible with its flow. As she turned he was blinking a little but now he isn’t. May be he also held her breath just to see her OK. And now he has taken his last breath.

He tries to say something but nothing comes out. The night then gets more frigid.

She feels really sorry for him as she involved him into this.

She says “Sorry” with her already dead voice.

And, She writes taking a little of blood with her hardly moving and shivering finger ” We fought”.

The atmosphere acquires, darkness and silence with every passing instant.

She keeps looking at him in the same state. Her breathes freezes slowly like still water is getting stiff to become icicles.

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Two days later: Sana’s mother at her candle gathering at the corner of her society. Along with many others, sits in the morn of her young, living hearted girl’s death.

“My daughter didn’t just die for no reason but instead she died fighting the dark truth of this society. And, none of the others who think that girl or women are weak is correct, she showed. She wrote on the soil of earth’s heart ” We fought”. She speaks with eyes full of tears.

“She showed that none of you, none of you should leave it just like that. Sobbing into pillows and listening to the taunts what others have to say to you.

She left a message for you all that whenever a guy tries to rape you, never let it go anyway. Fight them! fight them until your last breath. And at least kill one of them using all your force, before taking your last breath. To tell them! to show them! that what they can loose.

✭✭” You are reading Short story at Inspirationalcraft.com“✭✭

They will fear then. Not everybody but some will. And if this will be done by you, one day they will fear to touch you anymore.

Don’t look towards police or system for justice they will take years to find. But you can decide your fate at that very moment ” she speaks in anger and grief.

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    1. Good message conveyed .
      Sana’s character is so courage …
      I must have to mention please respect women offer her help whenever she need.

      Btw I liked story Concept with Emotions and Social awareness.
      Keep writing such stories .

  1. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this story. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. Very uplifting. Great job!
    And as a girl I literally say Thank you so much for writing this🖤💯🌸….Lots of power to you!!!

    1. Thanks khushi …I am glad you related with the story… and thats a suggestion to every girl 🙂

  2. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this story. I am hoping the same bedt work from you in the future as well.Very uplifting.Great job!!!
    And as a girl I literally say Thank You So Much for writing this🖤💯🌸❤….
    Lots of power to you!!!

  3. She left a message for you all that whenever a guy tries to rape you, never let it go anyway. Fight them! fight them until your last breath. And at least kill one of them using all your force, before taking your last breath. To tell them! to show them! that what they can loose.

    This massege is very must.💯

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