“Burning Love”

” Burning Love “
(Sad Poems)

” If you could sense me bleeding.You could know, how much I tried and fought… You are reading sad poems on inspirationalcraft.com

“If you could sense me bleeding.
You could know, how much I tried and fought
to keep looking into your eyes,
O desperate sun !

But thine, merciless, mean and non ceasing rays,
didn’t spare me
for even a moment
and burned until I turned into ashes.”

Poems about love by : Aamir Sheikh | Love Poems | Sad Poems

Author’s Note:

This poem is about sad love. Here the writer is saying that his emotions were neglected by his lover. Who he calls merciless, mean and desperate, in anger.

Writer names the girl with “Desperate sun” metaphorically. To express her merciless behavior. he is showing her non changing behavior is also affecting him.

He is saying that her behavior didn’t change until he was shattered with his emotions.

And until, they parted.

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