“Gleaming Eyes” (A Love Poem)

I am speaking my heart to you,for your gleaming beautiful innocent eyes……. You are reading love poem on inspirationalcraft.com

Gleaming eyes love poem by Aamir Sheikh

” Gleaming Eyes”

“I am speaking my heart to you,
for your gleaming beautiful
innocent eyes.

Smiling face of yours was the reason I fell for you,
It amazed me that vibrant shining
unfolding sky and held my sighs.

Poem by : Aamir Sheikh | love poems | Romantic poems

Author’s Note:

This poem is simply a free verse poem. It has a metaphor used in it where I called “Smiling face” as “that vibrant shining unfolding sky”

Other than that I tried to keep the poem more about the emotions than structure and technicalities.

This Poem simply explains how a person fell for her girl as she is having beautiful smile. That drives him emotionally towards her.

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